Speed Governor

GeoShadow is one of the leading dealers of the MERCYDA speed governor machine and speed limiter device. We provide ARAI and Government approved speed limiting devices in Madurai, Viridhunagar, and Sivakasi. GeoShadow speed limiter device is a safe choice for your organization for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses. We have fuel type speed governors, cable type speed governors, and electronic speed limiter for you to choose from.

We are one of the best range of lorry speed governor in Madurai, Virudhunagar, and Sivakasi. We are stand out organizations in manufacturing, supplying speed governor systems. Our electronic speed governor works an advanced microcontroller based technology designed as per Automotive Industrial Standards (AIS).

Our Products

Why buy speed limit device

In this year, due to road traffic injuries are expected to be in third place in reasons for hospitalized people. Have to decide to reduce traffic injuries and accidents. speed governor device makes a speed limit management, improve the vehicle efficiency and speed limit of the vehicle.

As we are manufacturers and dealers of speed governors and speed limiting devices for vehicles in Madurai, Virudhunagar, and Sivakasi. When you decide to buy products from us, you get them at reasonable prices. Our certifications and procedures mentioned below:

  • We provide the best quality Gov. Approved speed governor devices for all commercial vehicles.
  • Our products are accepted for their high strength and long service life.
  • GeoShadow speed limiting devices and speed governors products are lightweight, stable and each product is tested for quality and performance on various parameters before reaching to the client.
  • Our expert team has the right knowledge and strong engineered skills to provide standard as well as customized products to our client’s requirements.
  • We have a client-oriented approach and we deliver products with the best quality on time.

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