GPS Tracking System

Geo Shadow is specialized in providing GPS Tracking System for Bus, car, truck, assets, children, elders, pets, CCTV and more. We are one of the best dealers of GPS tracking devices in Madurai. We offer ARAI, AIS140 certified tracking system in Madurai. We provide robust hardware and mobile applications to solve our customers to manage their fleet, vehicles or assets. With our GPS Tracking device knowing where your vehicle and assets are in any respect time give to you. Its ability to make time and money-saving decisions with a fast glance. It is the solution that can show you all the required details of your business vehicles with alert and reporting features.

We a various family of high-tech GPS tracking solutions combined with our capable yet innate apps and web platforms assure everybody can benefit. Families can perceive closer than ever with the comfort of enlarging safety, business owners can increase the productivity of countless aspects of their company with our powerful tracking solutions. Our apps help you to easily track your stolen assets and vehicles.

gps tracking system in madurai

Why We Need Tracking System

GPS based tracking systems help you to track your vehicle, kid's activity, pets activity, and track your employee location. This device allows you to manage your business, service and also reduce the cost. This system is used to Increase productivity, Theft Prevention, and Reducing Paper Work.

Geoshadow Tracking System Offers

real-time gps tracking device in madurai
Real Time Tracking
vehicle tracking device in madurai
Monitor the speed limit of the vehicle
live tracking system in madurai
Journey history and unauthorized usage
fuel consumption tracker in madurai
Management and Control of Fuel Consumption
gps tracking device in madurai
Complete Route Analytics
vehicle speed tracking device in madurai
Speed Alerts & Geo-Fences
taxi gps tracking device in madurai
Increase efficiency of the vehicle
employee location tracker in madurai
Get the current location any time
truck tracking system in madurai
Prevention of Rash Driving/Accidents
car engine tracking device in madurai
ais 140 approved devices in madurai
Brake Analysis
school bus tracking system in madurai
Acceleration Analysis

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